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The Tugun Local website has been set up to help locals find out more about the businesses in their local community.

Hi, my name is Doug Kercher and I have lived in Tugun/Currumbin area for nearly twenty years, some in the mid 80s while in the surfboard industry and now since 2005.

My family is wife Anne and son Sam. I am a golf professional and golf author by trade.  I also have a Bachelor of Science and have diversified my business into building websites while still coaching golf. I still surf and and would love to see Kirra restored.

The website business is taking time away from my golf and has become a full time venture. We have put this website together as a service to our community and the businesses here and as a forum for our community.

It is also obviously a promotion for my web services which include mini sites to large sites and getting websites visible on Page One of Google and the search engines as well as business promotion through local directory websites like this one.

The obvious changes I noticed since moving back to Tugun are the Tugun By-Pass (positive) and the Tugun Desalination Plant (negative, although I am biased, it was built on the community golf range which is yet to be replaced, I guess it is in the too hard basket).

We also have the issue of powerlines coming into the suburb associated with the Tugun Sub-Station and access from Boyd Street over the border into the Cobaki Lakes Estate in New South Wales.

Feel free to contribute, comment, list your business or organisation and ask us to add anything we have missed out.

Thanks Doug and Anne Kercher. http://www.websiteprofitsforyou.com